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Dr. David Harper is the Chief Executive Officer of Evolution Biotechnologies. With a strong scientific background in virology and microbiology, Dr. Harper is the author of over seventy works in the area and has broad experience of managing research programmes in a variety of settings and of directing the work of staff both internally and through external contractors.

As the founder, CEO and CSO of Biocontrol Limited and CSO of AmpliPhi Biosciences Dr. Harper managed the first modern regulated clinical trial to demonstrate the efficacy of bacteriophages, a biological agent, to be conducted anywhere in the world.



Dr. Harper has experience of the commercial and scientific stages required for the planned work. This experience of managing the growth of a startup biotechnology company through to global operations with a public listing underpins the potential of Evolution Biotechnologies.

Dr. Harper is a named inventor on multiple patents with wide experience of the generation and management of intellectual property portfolios, and has extensive experience of recruiting non-dilutive grant funding.



Aaron M. Gunn is the Chief Operating Officer of Evolution Biotechnologies .  Mr. Gunn has over 20 years of experience in the foundation and growth of many companies across multiple industries.  In 2001 Mr. Gunn became an owner and partner in Elite Wireless, a full service telecommunications construction company, specializing in work across the midwestern United States. Mr. Gunn is also the founder of Mercury Towers, a specialized wireless communications real estate development company that currently owns towers across  the Rocky Mountain Region of the US.  In addition to wireless ventures, Mr. Gunn has participated in the purchase of multiple private companies in the banking and technology sectors.  Throughout his career, Mr. Gunn has been able to use his experience and extensive contacts in both business and governmental agencies to bring much needed value and growth to his various endeavors.

Mr. Gunn has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Princeton University and an MA in Economics from Texas Tech University. Mr. Gunn is a Texas native and resides there with his wife and  children.





Edward C. Cappabianca is the Chief Business Officer of Evolution Biotechnologies. Mr. Cappabianca has a strong background in investment banking, previously working with Alex. Brown & Sons, William Blair International, and Rodman & Renshaw, LLC. He also has operational management experience in the Biotech & Life Sciences sector having served as CEO of AmpliPhi Biosciences in the US and Founding CEO of EnXray in the UK. Mr. Cappabianca has a special responsibility both for fundraising and for preparing the Company for its eventual IPO or trade-sale.

Mr Cappabianca holds a BA in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry from the University of Virginia, and received his MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Mr Cappabianca holds dual citizenship (USA and Ireland) and resides in the UK with his wife and children.