Evolution Biotechnologies
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A breath of fresh air
in asthma control

View a video summarising Evolution’s technology and current activities below:

Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. is a British-based company working to expand biological control from its successful applications elsewhere, bringing this “green” technology to the control of medically important targets. This starts with asthma, a chronic disease affecting over a third of a billion people around the world.

Evolution’s initial target is the house dust mite (HDM), the leading cause of asthma. 334 million people worldwide suffer from asthma, of whom approximately 20% require frequent hospitalization. 383,000 people every year die as a result of asthma. Up to 90% of asthmatics who react to airborne material are sensitive to HDM allergens. The costs of asthma exceed $100 billion in the EU and US alone.

Biological control is a proven technology, which underlies Evolution’s approach. It is environmentally friendly, using natural agents. These are highly specific, reducing any side effects or environmental concerns. They are applied in small doses and spread naturally, producing long-lasting and sustainable effects.

Operating from its base in the United Kingdom, the company is addressing worldwide unmet medical needs, with projected markets for its initial product exceeding $1.8 billion per annum.