Intellectual property

The European Patent Office has now issued notice of intention to grant patent EP3331366, “Acaricides”, providing exclusivity for Evolution’s technology in Europe until 2036.

Grant in Europe is anticipated in the 1st/ 2nd quarter of 2019, with grant in Hong Kong following a quarter later. Corresponding applications are queued for examination in the USA, Australia, and Japan and will leverage our highly favourable PCT international examination report (IPRP).

The projected value of sales for biological control of the house dust mite into European markets is in excess of €500 million per annum.

The patent incorporates findings from Evolution’s successful feasibility study including the key identification of a novel biological control agent able to target multiple mite species. The granted claims provide broad protection to the whole area of biological control of house dust mites, with the first claim in the granted European patent reciting: “A method of treating or preventing a house dust mite infestation, said method comprising applying an acaricidal infectious agent at a site of a house dust mite infestation, or at a site proximal thereto, or at a site at risk of such infestation.”

Details of the European patent can be accessed on line at espacenet.com: